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Mobile platforms are becoming more proliferated. For this reason, publishers are looking for specialists who are ready to build unique and native applications for a particular OS. Although modern users can choose from a selection of platforms, iOS and Android are out of competition sharing the entire mobile market almost 50/50.

At the same time, we also have Windows Phone and BlackBerry, although not very popular with users but still in demand as well. The main difference for developers comes with features that offer mobile platforms for building an award winning application. Some prefer creating an app for Apple devices due to a bigger number of users ready to pay. Others opt for Android applications featuring a vast selection of image and video editing features and monetization strategies.

Cross-platform mobile app development may appear to be the best solution to this problem. The idea is to create an app that will run greatly on both platforms resulting in a huger amount of users worldwide. Appille is the best company whenever you need to develop cross-platform apps by the deadline at affordable rates.

Cross-Platform Development Process

Creating the best cross-platform apps calls for a structured process with a set of essential steps. You should also note that such approach does not suit all types of applications. For instance, it would be senseless for high-end gaming apps as well as rich consumer product. We proceed with an in-depth research and exploration to understand your purposes and needs. Such approach will let us decide whether cross-platform application development is really the best bet for you, or you’d better opt for custom applications.

Hiring our company means hiring proven professionals to build your cross-platform apps for you. We can boast a kick-ass team of dedicated experts who can implement various facilities and tools to complete the task by the deadline. We have some finest HTML 5 developers ready to exceed your expectations and requirements. They have a clear understanding of every platform’s attribute uniqueness as well as specific capabilities and properties. For this reason, we come up with a detailed prototype of the app at the first stage to ensure its cross-platform potential.

Efficient mobile cross-platform development would be impossible without employing some of the most advanced frameworks that include:

  • Appcelerator Titanium;
  • Whoop;
  • HTML 5;
  • PhoneGap;
  • MoSync;
  • Rhomobile and more.

Our mission is to build a functional cross-platform mobile app that would fit any screen size, OS version or type of gadget.

Cross-Platform Development Key Benefits

Opting for this type of development will let you take the advantage of some key benefits. Pay attention that the following a delivered by Appille only:

  • Greatly designed applications featuring high-level usability;
  • Various testing methods including emulators and real gadgets supported by different mobile platforms;
  • Exceptional Users’ experience when it comes to features, options and functionality;
  • Smooth operation and bug-free performance;
  • Implementing Extreme Programming Methodologies and scrum during the development process;
  • QA, maintenance, support and submission.

We can boast a huge track record of applications that can be found on all major mobile platforms. Our level of expertise lets us easily deal with apps of different genres and categories. Our company will be the best choice whether you need to build a noticeable product of the following type:

  • Travel Application;
  • Music or Video App;
  • News and Lifestyle App;
  • Photography and Entertainment App;
  • M-Commerce App;
  • Reservation & Booking Service and more.

Best Cross-Platform Developers for Hire 24/7

Appille staff is experienced to handle end-to-end full-cycle projects as well as some minor tasks. Whether you need to review the code or come up with design, development, architecture and promotion, our company is certainly the right place to visit.

Many publishers and startups often face numerous questions when launching their first product. Which is the best mobile platform and why? Which one can offer the best features and monetization opportunities? How much will it cost to develop iOS and Android application? What about other available mobile platforms? Is it really necessary to consider them?

If you feel like unable to answer all those questions. Contact Appille support team or project managers and launch your customized cross-platform development brought to you by proven experts in the field. We use some up-to-date CSS, JavaScript, HTML and other popular frameworks to deliver the best customers’ experience.

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