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Are you in search of professionals who will bring a high-end mobile applications to one of the most recognizable and popular mobile platform and develop Android apps? Appille is certainly the right company to choose. We deliver a selection of full-scale digital services brought to you with the help of innovative means and advanced technologies. Android development is among our prior specializations.

Every time you need an app developer, Android platform is a good choice. Visit our website and benefit from a wide range of services we deliver. Our experts will not only help you to implement your every idea in the final product, but also make it as popular and attractive to users as possible. You will have a chance to make profits from your application using various efficient monetization strategies developed by our experienced marketers and promoters.

Contact us whenever you face the need of a qualified developer. Google Play is certainly one of the most recognizable mobile market places across the globe. For this reason, developing an application based on this OS is certainly a great idea if you need to benefit from millions of downloads and subscriptions. We will guide you through the entire process of the application development.

Android Application Development Process

Our company highlights a cost-effective and efficient Android development process making it easy for our every customer to track the progress of the order. We managed to bring a clear and easy-to-understand development structure featuring some of the following steps.

Step 1 – Discover and Explore

At this stage, we need to have a clear understanding of what you expect from us and what you really want your product look like. This stage has some crucial aspects that include:

  • Discovering and exploring your application ideas;
  • Enabling an in-depth research of the main rivals;
  • Defining the target audience;
  • Developing and signing all necessary requirement documentation;
  • Defining the milestones of the future project.

Step 2 – Application Design and Prototyping

This is when our UI/UX designers will think of your application future look, usability and design. The stage is very important for the general success as it consists of:

  • Choosing a proper style;
  • Building the initial prototype to see how it will look like;
  • Establishing a final application design.

Stage 3 – Programming and Developing

It’s high time our qualified android app developer took the lead. The stage is vital for the entire process, as it will determine how your product will interact with end users. Appille is an android app development company featuring its own coding and programming process that includes the following steps:

  • Building every application asset;
  • Writing basic does for all key mechanisms;
  • Building the initial draft of the application;
  • Developing integrating and UI elements.

Stage 4 – Submitting the Application

Our Android mobile app development company is a leader in the niche offering full-scale services form discovering and research to submitting the product that is ready to use. The stage includes:

  • Launching final tests to ensure the app quality;
  • Submit the final product to the target user;
  • Deliver the app to the Google Play.

Appille’s Team

Our expertise and qualified team consists of proven specialists that include:

  • Developers – they are proven masters of Android mobile platform ready to complete any task in spite of its complexity by the deadline. They can boast a huge track record of successfully developed applications featuring smooth operation and appreciation by the end users;
  • Project Managers – caring and attentive to your every claim, these folks will do their best to take you as close to the general success as possible. They are good at time management reducing the time-to-market as well as enabling paperless process to meet the deadlines and your every requirements;
  • QA Engineers – we have a selection of the newest and latest Google-powered device versions to proceed with the most efficient testing and QA insurance. We have a set of reliable testing methods to ensure 100% quality of your application in spite of device version it is developed for.

Using our service is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Take your first step towards your dream ad contact us using any communication mean that suits your taste. Always keep in mind that dealing with any of your projects has nothing in common with a working routine for us. It is our pleasant duty. Appille is always open for ne collaborations. We will become your trustworthy and reliable partner in the niche of mobile applications and marketing.

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